What is a marketing collaboratory?

What is a marketing collaboratory?

Collaboratory: [Coˈlæbrəˌtɔrɪ]  noun :

The word collaboratory (pronounced co lab ratory) is a blend of the words collaboration and laboratory. The term is borrowed from the scientific community and is defined as a virtual collaborative environment. It’s a place where scientists and researchers from around the world work together on research projects.

This environment allows them to share resources, research and knowledge. The objective is to achieve innovative solutions faster by leveraging collective knowledge.

The relationship marketing collaboratory

When applied to the field of relationship marketing, it is a collective of strategists, tacticians, technologists and artisans. These individuals share their knowledge and expertise to find innovative solutions to real-world business challenges.

Everyone works in a spirit of cooperation, in the context of workshops, virtual meetings and other forums. The mission of the collaboratory is to help marketers build sustainable customer relationships, bringing brands and people closer. It also focuses on helping people make better, more informed choices and getting more enjoyment out of whatever they buy.

Sharing knowledge

One of the key principles is the sharing and transfer of knowledge. In a traditional consulting model, the consultant evaluates, juges and recommends. A collaboratory is a shared experience where each participant helps others gain insights and knowledge in the pursuit of an innovative solution. Each participant is enriched in the process.

A real-world example

The Dayton Collaboratory, in Ohio, is a team of innovators that work together to bring ideas to life. The Collaboratory provides infrastructure and resources to individuals and organizations in the community to collaboratively support various initiatives. Their goal is to generate new economic, community and creative opportunities.


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