Email benchmarking tool – are you an email superhero?

Email benchmarking tool – are you an email superhero?

Why you should give our email benchmarking tool a try?

You don’t realize how great you really are unless you compare with what others are doing. It’s time to come out of the shadows and claim your share of the recognition you deserve. It’s time to measure how well you’re doing. To figure out how to take your email program to the next level. How does your program measure up? What parts are great, and what parts are simply Meh? Beyond opens and clicks, what do you need to look at to measure your email program performance? That’s precisely why we created this simple, and we hope fun, email benchmarking tool. Use it to evaluate your email superpowers and set yourself on the path to glory.

Are you an email superhero?

We all know that email marketing is harder than it looks. But when it’s done right, it can have a big impact on business growth and profitability. We’ve witnessed huge gains in sales as a result of small (and not-so-small) improvements made to email marketing practices.

That’s why we think that email marketers must actually have some form of superpower. Faster than a streaming video! More powerful than a Facebook Like! Able to increase conversion with a single bound!* This is a job for #emailsuperheros!

Take the test and see how truly awesome you really are

This email benchmark tool asks you ten simple questions on your current practices. You can answer each one with a single click. No long-winded questionnaires and never-ending multiple choices. And even if you’re just getting started, there’s no public shaming here. So there’s really no excuse not to get started.

Valuable tips (by email) on how to grow your practices

We believe that a rising tide lifts all boats. So we’re sharing some of what we know to help emerging superheros, and veterans alike, deliver better results to their organization. We believe that a strong community of email superhero will help to grow recognition of the profound impact that email can have on profitability and growth.

So what are you waiting for?

Just click on the link to get started on your journey to superhero status and untold glory! Fill out the email benchmarking tool questionnaire right away. If you have any questions or face unforeseen issues, simply reach out and we’ll give you a helping hand. After all, that’s what superheros do, right?


*  You may recognize the intro to the original Superman series. If not, listen to the Superman intro theme here.

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