Our offices are located south of Autoroute 440 at the corner of Cunard. When you reach the corner, enter the parking lot of the office complex on the northwest corner and then head north till you see the sign.

If you’re traveling by public transit, we are located directly on STL routes 63 and 65 from the Montmorency Metro station.


Our location is based on our growing concern for sustainable development and the environment.

On one hand, moving our office to Laval has allowed our team members to reduce their commute by up to two hours per day. That’s time they can use to improve their quality of live and further their personal development.

From an environmental perspective, the reduction in travel to the downtown core not only contributes is a small way to the reduction of roadway congestion, but also eliminates 16,8 tonnes of CO2, 101 429g of carbon monoxyde and 29,832g of nitrous oxide and hydrocarbons, while reducing our gas consumption by 60%. Our relative proximity to the Laval metro also encourages the use of urban transit.


To calculate the environmental impact of your commute, visit the Environment Canada website.

To learn more about the impact of long rush-hour commutes, visit the Scientific American website.

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