It’s no secret that the key to growing a business is to build strong and lasting customer relationships.

That’s where we come in.

We are a collaboratory of relationship marketing strategists and tacticians. Our mission is to bringing your brand and the people you serve closer by designing and deploying programs that find, keep and grow customers.

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We can help you get the most out of your customer data to personalize communications and maximize conversion to sales.



We can help increase trust in your brand by nurturing the relationship from discovery to purchase and beyond.


We can help you create an emotional connection with your brand that helps drive customer loyalty and share of wallet.

Discover our


Email marketing, using the right tools, should be your # 1 source of sales. If that’s not the case, something’s up. Let us evaluate your current practices and show you how to quickly turn things around and achieve better results, fast!



Cognitive relationship marketing

Whether you want to outsource your relationship marketing program or build a strong in-house team, our modular service offering gives you access to a team of relationship marketing pros.

We’ll help you to quickly monetize your marketing tech investment and start building sustainable relationships with your customers.

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Create spectacular emails with less time and effort.

Choose EmailGo!, a modular email asset library that lets you pre-build your email content and reduce your time to market dramatically.



Mark Morin

Chief architect and team mentor, Mark has been building relationships for over 35 years. His ability to synthesize and simplify complex concepts helps bring clarity to his clients’ strategic value. A powerful communicator, he creates compelling messages and high-impact programs that drive business results. He is also a noted public speaker on the topic of relationship marketing.

Caroline De Blois

Chief builder and technology team leader, Caroline has been laying the foundations of strong sustainable relationships for over 15 years. Her ability to strategically orchestrate multiple projects simultaneously and keep them on track and on budget make here a key player in driving results for our clients.

Danielle R. Morin

Queen of in-house relationships and team den-mother, Danielle has spent the past 26 years at the agency making sure that bills get paid and keeping the strategies family happy and warm. Her ability to connect on a personal level with almost everyone she meets makes her the social glue that’s at the heart of our culture.

Anthony Tariot

Creator of code and keyboard wizard, Anthony uses his analytic abilities in support of the team and leaves no question unanswered. A powerful blend of logic and perfectionism make him an essential team ingredient as he decrypts and combines a plethora of languages to achieve code nirvana.


Cognitive Marketing

Augmented intelligence
helping bring brands and people closer

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STRATEGIES ranked as a Leading Global B2B Company

STRATEGIES ranked as a Leading Global B2B Company

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