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We bring brands and people closer together

True relationships are based on two key ingredients: gaining a profound understanding of your customers, their needs and behaviours – and building trust through a flawless and consistent customer experience. Building relationships is what we do best – in fact it’s all we do!

We help you help your customers buy

What’s the point of marketing if it doesn’t increase sales? Everything we do builds your bottom line. We stimulate sales by removing obstacles that get in the way. By creating an emotional connection with your brand and your messages. And by showcasing the customers experience and unique value you provide.



Digital marketing



We map your customers’ journey and build a strategy that helps your customers move forward, from need to purchase, to adoption, to loyalty.



We transform data into powerful tools that help customers make better choices based on who they are, what they want and what they really need.



We build programs that help attract and welcome new customers, nurture your relationship with them, and grow their value, fast!

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Multichannel CRM

In today’s modern marketing environment, a single channel just doesn’t cut it. You need a combination of media working in synergy to move customers forward along their buyer journey. Each step requires different media, different content and different actions. All must work together as part of a process.

Personalized Content

We believe that customers today are faced with too many choices and too much information. And although we believe that content is King, we know that not all of it is relevant and meaningful to all customers. So we use dynamic content to refine the message and zero in on what is relevant and right for each customer or persona. It’s a process we call B2Me™.

Marketing Automation

The new generation of marketing automation platforms allow marketers to track and understand each customer by analyzing their digital footprint, purchase behaviour and stated preferences. From trigger programs to nurturing series, from welcome programs to reactivation – we can build end-to-end relationship marketing roadmap, then deploy it in the field.

We’re truly flattered by so much attention!

66 awards and counting

Meet the Talents

Meet the Team

Mark Morin

Owner & President
Chief architect and team mentor, Mark has been building relationships for over 35 years. His ability to synthesize and simplify complex concepts helps bring clarity to his clients’ strategic value. A powerful communicator, he creates compelling messages and high-impact programs that drive business results. He is also an noted public speaker on the topic of relationship marketing

Caroline De Blois

Account Director
Chief builder and team leader, Caroline has been laying the foundations of strong sustainable relationships at strategies for the past 12 years. Her ability to strategically orchestrate multiple projects simultaneously and keep them on track and on budget make here a key player in driving results for our clients.

Matilde Villeneuve

Coordinator, Strategic Development
Relationship go-getter and impact analyst, Matilde (with no H) is the latest addition to the Strategies team, with 5 years experience building B2B relationships in financial services and insurance. An enthusiastic contributor with an eye for detail, she helps build confidence as the final step in our QA process.

Margot Boudreau

Relationship Marketing coordinator
Softspoken RPG warrior princess and relationship orchestrator IRL, Margot brings to the team a passion for words and for people. Her attention to minute detail and keen sense of organization make her a powerful project lead that gets the job done, in the workplace and on the battlefield.

Kelly De Luca

Artistic Director
Lover of coffee & her gold polkadot mug, Kelly with her 13 years of graphic design background has been taking on various projects in branding and identity, website interface, print, packaging as well email design. Pantone chart in hand, she’s always ready to tackle new projects.

Sandy Strazza

Business Development and CRM
Relational strategist and new mother totally gaga, Sandy oversees the strategic development of the agency and lends a strong hand to the CRM team. Thanks to her experience as Brand and CRM Manager at Mont Tremblant Resort, she knows how to combine branding and relationship with an unusual energy.

Danielle R. Morin

Finance & Administration
Queen of in-house relationships and team den-mother, Danielle has spent the past 26 years at the agency making sure that bills get paid and keeping the strategies family happy and warm. Her ability to connect on a personal level with almost everyone she meets makes her the social glue that’s at the heart of our culture.

Caroline Aubin

Number-cruncher extraordinaire, Caroline (little Caro as we call her) has been keeping the books and billing straight for over 5 years. Her keen sense of organization helps keep the team pointed in the right direction.

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Physical Meets Digital – How to Increase Marketing ROI [VIDEO]

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Relationship Marketing: 4 things you need to know

Relationship Marketing: 4 things you need to know

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How to start a relationship with a B2B landing page

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When recommendation engines go terribly wrong

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