B2Me Marketing: What’s it all about

B2Me Marketing: What’s it all about

B2Me Marketing – helping people make better choices and get more enjoyment from whatever they buy.

As consumers, we are constantly faced with the challenges of too many choices and too much information broadcast across a cluttered and fragmented media landscape. Any attempt to guide people through their customer journey is totally useless if we can’t deliver the right message at the right time.

This short video explains how personalization can play en important role by increasing the relevance of your marketing messages. Personalization helps your customers make the informed choices that are best for them. In doing so, they will get more enjoyment out of everything they buy from you.



In the previous episode, I explained how marketing automation platforms can help you to better understand, interpret and use customer data that flows from your customers’ physical and digital behaviour.

And that with a relationship-marketing approach called B2Me, you can leverage behavioural customer data to create greater relevance and increase the impact of your marketing communications.

I also mentioned that with a B2Me marketing approach, you can help you customers to make better choices, showing them the products and services that are right for them, and helping them get more enjoyment out of everything they buy

But what exactly is B2Me™ marketing

D + E + C = B2Me

B2Me marketing is helping your customers make the right choices and get the most enjoyment out of everything they buy by leveraging customer data, your expertise and highly personalized and relevant content.

Many marketers struggle with the challenges of moving from the theory of relationship marketing to actually implementing a truly customer-centric strategy.

Schooled in the art of mass marketing, they’re challenged when comes time to make the switch to the new reality of the empowered customer, in control of the sales process and who don’t want to be told what they should want or buy.

We are all the same: we’re all unique!

Even though deep down, we’re all the same, we are also incredibly diverse and unique: unique in our needs and in the context of those needs, in our goals and motivations, in our physical attributes, our personality traits and so on.

These more or less subtle variations are what make humanity so richely diverse, but they also create a huge challenge for modern marketers who struggle to make their message relevant.

Universality versus personalization

While traditional mass marketing has always focused on creating a universal message that resonates with all customers, relationship marketers have a very different vision.

They recognize that the incredible diversity of human needs and priorities make a universal message a utopia at best, and more than likely a very real barrier to growth and success.

In reality, customers choose product or service for different reasons and use them with to achieve different goals.

So as brands insist on creating more and more variations of a given product, in order to please increasingly smaller niche markets and segments, complexity explodes. And we end up with 12 flavours of Special K and 20 flavours of Clover Leaf tuna. Or a choice of 250 different mouses for your computer. Or 2400 types of makeup at Shoppers Drug Mart. Or 2 million singles on EHarmony. It’s just too much.

The right choice for me

With that in mind, how do you help your customers make the choices that are right for them? How do you help them to get the most enjoyment out of whatever they buy?

How do you adapt your message to each customers unique reality? How you deliver a message that resonates with your customers, that touches their heart and their spririt?

B2Me Marketing means personalizing a message by placing the product, service or experience in the specific context of each customer’s needs.

Data, domaine expertise and personalized content

It starts with customer data from your marketing automation platform, as well as transactional and behavioural data.

This data is combined with your internal and external product and category expertise in order to map the right product to the right customer.

These two elements are then combined to create personalized content that helps each customer understand why a given product is right for them. To discover the customer experience that matches their needs and goals. To understand the how and the why behind a given choice.

But before starting down the path towards relevance and customer centricity, ask yourself these three important questions:

First of all – Who are your typical customer archetypes – your personas – that are defined by their behaviour, their goals, what they wish to achieve and with whom they wish to do so.

Secondly– What are the key attributes or dimensions that shape each customer archetype,  and that will impact the relevance of your message

Thirdly– Which key variables or datapoints are needed to customize your message to make it relevant to each archetype or persona? And of course, where will you get that data. Once again, marketing automation provide at least part of the answer.

With these things in mind, you are now well on the way to better understanding what your customers need, what they’re looking for and how to talk to them in a relevant way.

But where should you start?

The challenge becomes how to put all this into action. And to justify the investment and the effort. Where should you start? Where are the immediate gains and low-hanging fruit that will help you achieve short term positive ROI?

Sounds like a challenge. But in reality, not so much. Personalization and marketing automation are very powerful relationship-building tools that help you to quickly increase your customer and prospect conversion rates.

In the next episode of What’s this all about? I’ll show you how to easily increase your impact and your campaign ROI with an effective customer nurturing program.

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