Frequently asked questions


Perhaps you’re new to relationship marketing, marketing automation and CRM. No worries. We have plenty of answer to your burning questions. Have more questions? Need more answers? Just drop us a line and we’ll be happy to help.

What is relationship marketing?

Relationship marketing is the art and science of building powerful and sustainable relationships between brands and their customers using a multi-channel approach.

As opposed to traditional transactional marketing, which focuses on short-term sales, relationship marketing focuses on the longevity of the relationship, the total value of that relationship over time (LTV) and the depth and diversity of purchases made.

What channel do you use?

We are channel-agnostic, and truly believe in the power of a multichannel approach using a range of traditional, digital and social channels to create strong synergy that moves customers forward in their buyer journey.

But our greatest strengths lie in digital, web, email and direct mail.

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What is B2ME™?

Unlike B2B or B2C marketing, which focus on the brand, the product or the business, B2Me focuses on the consumer. It is the convergence of customer data, relevant content and domain expertise.

The purpose of B2Me is to create lasting customers relationships by providing relevant information to help customers choose the right product and use it effectively.

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Is it true that direct mail is dead?

No not really. Direct mail has been pronounced dead on many occasions in the past 50 years. Just like radio, television, magazines and email. The reality is that it is the most powerful, targeted media in terms of overall response rate.

But it’s role has changed. From a spray and pray acquisition tool, it is increasingly used as a focused medium to maximize the reach of customer communications. And when used in synergy with other media including email and Web, it provides an amazing lift in marketing ROI.

Are you a digital agency?

We are media agnostic. We are fluent in digital and traditional. We are, above all a relationship-marketing agency. We use the tools that are right for you.

We are digital literate, email savvy, marketing automation focused, and totally comfortable with traditional response media like direct mail, direct response print and electronic.

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How is it different from CRM?

It’s not really that different. Customer relationship management, or CRM, has long been used to describe the software platforms used to manage the customer contact history.

Like relationship marketing, CRM focuses on understanding who the customers are and how they behave, then manages the relationship to increase value, diversify purchases and build loyalty.

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What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation uses various technology platforms to track each individual customer’s digital footprint, navigation and purchase behavior, and to react in real time to that behavior with relevant messages and actions.

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What if I just want an email campaign?

Of course! We’re really good at it. If you already have your platform, we can handle the strategy, the creative, the production, the deployment and the reporting. If you’re just getting started, we can help you with platform selection and integration.

Are you only a B2C agency, or do you also do B2B?

We are active in both. And have been for 25 years. So if you need to support your sales team with a strong consistent demand generation program that provides a constant flow of qualified leads that are ready to buy, we can help.

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