Multichannel CRM


When we say CRM, we don’t mean platforms, or contact management software. We mean true Customer Relationship Management. Managing the depth, value and diversity of that relationship to build loyalty and ROI. And we do this in a multi-channel [cross-media] environment that delivers the right message through the right channels including:



Email should be the mainstay of any relationship-marketing program. Of all response media, email provides the highest ROI. And it’s instantaneous! But rendering a consistent message across countless email clients and platforms, including mobile, is a challenge – one that we master.

Direct mail

Direct mail’s role is changing. Laser focused and highly personalized, direct mail provides the highest response rate of all media (with the exception of outbound calling) and the highest effective penetration – so it’s great for customer growth and retention.


The web becomes the pointe of convergence for most, if not all relationship marketing programs. Think of it as a collector media designed to capture prospects attention, identify their preferences, their behavior and to cultivate a relationship.


Social media was designed to start a conversation between friends and family. Brands sometimes feel out of place – intruding in their customers’ personal space. That’s why it’s so important to understand what makes it work and to use it the right way.

Let's talk about the WHY

Before we dive into design and execution, we like to understand your business, your industry and your goals.


Customer journey mapping

The first step is to map out how your customers buy from you, where they go to learn about you and your competitors (hint: the web), what are the things that influence their choices.


Cross-media strategy

Once we understand the journey, we can then build a process that will reach out to the customer with the right message in the right channel for each step of the journey. This process will move the customer forward in their journey, from need to want to purchase and use… and beyond.


Program deployment

We’re not afraid to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty. Our team of experts is well versed in the art of campaign development and deployment, mastering the tools and platforms that will deliver your message consistently and seamlessly across multiple channels. The devil is in the details.