Personalized content


Back in the fifties, people all wanted the same things: basically whatever TV brands told them to buy. But by the eighties, brands started creating more and more choices as consumers started asking for more and more product variations that were closer to what they really wanted.

Then everything got really, really messy!

Today, we have access to far too many choices, way too much information and so little knowledge and expertise as to what product is right. Yes, content is king, but which content applies to your personal situation. That’s the genesis of B2Me™: the right message, the right product for “me”. Here are the three cornerstones of our B2Me™ offering.

Dynamic content

We use customer preferences, transactional data and digital navigation behavior to shape messages that are unique to the individual or to your various customer personas. These unique messages can be delivered through a full range of channels, both digital and traditional. The outcome is greater relevance, higher response and more sales.

Recommendation tools

When the right choice is not a matter of taste or personal opinion, algorithmic personalization just doesn’t work. The fact that someone else liked or purchased item X doesn’t mean that it’s right for you. We build customer decision tools that are based on behavioral and preference data to reduce the number of choices based on your domain expertise.

Guides and white papers

Choosing the right product is important. But teaching customers how to use and enjoy your products or services effectively is the key to a strong, sustainable relationship. Whether its a pre-sales white-paper, or a post-purchase usage guide, our content creates greater customer satisfaction, loyalty, brand appreciation and repeat purchase.

Talk to me! available for digital download


Talk to me

In today’s cluttered marketplace, consumers are faced with too many choices and are bombarded with too much information. As a result, they find it increasingly hard to make informed decisions.

In this book, you’ll learn how to get to know your customers as individuals, create products and content that are relevant to them, help them use your products effectively to achieve their goals, and increase satisfaction, loyalty and customer lifetime value.