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Talk to Me! now available on iTunes

As of this morning, Talk to Me! Get personal. Get relevant. Get more customers! is now available in the iBooks section of the iTunes store. Talk to Me!, co-authored by Mark Morin and Daniel Lafrenière, is distributed in six countries around the world: the US, Canada, France, Germany, the UK and Australia.

The ePub format — which means “Electronic Publishing” — is growing in popularity and currently dominates other electronic book formats. It can be read by a number of free applications for PC and Mac alike. These include Kobo Reader, Sony Reader, iBooks (sur iPhone, iPad et iPod Touch), etc. If you use Firefox, you can also install an epub plug-in EPUBReader.

The retail price of electronic books is substantially lower compared to traditional printed books because of the low cost of production and distribution. Talk to Me! retails for 12.99$ in ePub format versus 24.99$ in print.
Talk to Me! - Mark Morin & Daniel Lafrenière

Talk to me is now available in ePub format on iTunes


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