How we help

Relationship marketing services to help your business grow

Modern marketers are faced with a dizzying array of choices and challenges that stand in the way of marketing success – yet present unique opportunities for growth. We focus on brand activation through relationship-building programs, turning awareness into action. Here are the six areas where we can help you grow your business.



Not all customers are created equal – The broader a net you cast, the lower the quality of the customers you attract. But a targeted and relevant relationship marketing approach will not only attract new customers, but the best kind as well: Customers who, over time, will turn into loyal and high-value customers.



Knowing about a brand is one thing; using it, preferring it, and recommending it – that’s a whole other ball game. The objective of relationship marketing is to entrench your brand in customers’ daily purchasing patterns. Turn brand awareness into action. Generate a quantifiable ROI. Build solid relationships with your current customers. And attract new ones.



Not everyone is ready to buy when you want to sell them. Yet traditional “campaigns” happen when you plan them, not when buyers are in the market. That’s why a well structured customer nurturing program, combined with engagement scoring models, can keep customers engaged and informed until they are ready to move forward.



Never before has customer retention been such a key priority for brands and business worldwide. And loyalty marketing has grown by leaps and bounds, moving from points programs to best customer recognition programs that truly build sustainable relationships.

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The ubiquity of social media has placed word-of-mouth front and center. Now, more than ever, social influencer campaigns are a powerful way to giving your brand, your products more visibility and more credibility. We can show you how to build relationships with bloggers, tweeters and social media mavens to accelerate trial and brand adoption.



Retaining customers is not enough. Marketers need to actively grow customer value, depth and diversity of purchase. That’s why our clients turn to us in order to create highly segmented customer growth strategies that build present and lifetime value and open the door to new, undiscovered opportunities.